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Is Social Media Hurting Your Website?

We cannot stress how important your online image is in 2020 Social media is everywhere and almost everyone is on at least one platform Whether it’s LinkedIn for a business profile or a personal Facebook account. Having an empty profile or no profile at all simply isn’t an option in 2020.
Web design Liverpool must also work hand in hand with social media to create a broader online image of your business. Social media is only going to become more prominent in our lives and in business through 2020.
As most of us are all currently at home in lockdown Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin have seen their average number of daily users skyrocket since February 2020. If your social media profiles are set up in the right way your business is in a good position to make the most of this unique situation.

Web Design To Fit Social Media

We all have personal social media accounts and 90% of companies have business accounts that link with their website and other social media platforms. As Web Designers in Liverpool we have to take social media into account when designing a website, are we going to include icons to link to social media? are we going to include a live Instagram or twitter feed on the site? we also have to take into account brand continuity between websites and social media accounts. Basically we wouldn’t create a website with a green color scheme and social profiles with a blue color scheme, small details make a difference!
Social media is the best platform for companies to attract and reach out to the potential target audience. A good way to do this is with ads.
Different social media platforms have different designed ads. Ads’ design is essential as it will bring more customers and a better ROI(return on investment) and CPC(cost per click).

Lack of Social Media Presence

We Don’t want to keep repeating this point but not having a profile or worse having a blank profile is the single best way to put off potential clients, you may still get leads, however First Impressions Matter!. If you were looking for a service and the provider didn’t have an online presence or had blank unused profiles would you contact them?


In 2020 you need professional branded social media accounts with regular content. Whether its sharing relevant content or creating and uploading your own don’t let your social media become neglected and irrelevant!
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